Maya Robins

Maya Robins

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

“Barbara”: 37:09

“Fran”: 5:34

“Helen”: 14:30


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

When I was growing up I always played sports that involved a lot of cardio, and I became obsessed. I was an Irish dancer for ten years, I have played tennis for over 10 years, and I was in love with long-distance running due to an amazing cross-country team. I went overboard with cardio in my teenage years and was forced to stop exercising. Once I was allowed to exercise again, I found Chelsea Jung at CrossFit Loft. I had a great time starting in a teen's class, and I never thought it would ever lead to me into coaching until Chelsea encouraged me. Through hours of training, listening, interning, and studying I was able to gain the confidence I needed to become a successful coach. I never thought I would have a job like this, I am so lucky I took a chance to push myself.

Turning Point

When I was in high school I faced many hardships that will affect me for the rest of my life. I was running from facing my emotions, and I spiraled out of control. I was near death due to an illness, and I had the ability to change my outcome. I couldn’t do it on my own so I luckily had my friends and family to guide me. Chelsea was a major part of my recovery due to her constant motivation, kindness, and support. She helped me realize that I could make goals for myself even if they didn’t seem obtainable at the time. This has inspired me to try and be a better athlete, friend, family member, and coach.

Motivation & Passion

I never thought I could be a coach. My initial motivation to start coaching was to prove myself wrong, but that changed very quickly. I began to love coaching because I realized how much I love to help people. Even little wins make this job so worthwhile because you get to see someone’s quality of life change.

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