María Guzmán

María Guzmán

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Back Squat: 225

Front Squat: 205

Deadlift: 272

Snatch: 130

Diane: 3:47

Fastest Marathon Time: 3:28:46 (and qualified for The Boston Marathon)


CrossFit Level 1

Bilingual - Spanish/English

About Coach

Sports and physical activity have always been a part of my life! In elementary school I was in a unicycle club, then I joined a jump rope team. I began to compete in jump rope and my love for competition began to evolve. I competed on the National level in jump roping (yes, that's a thing). Then I joined Soccer and Fastpitch and played throughout middle and high school. At one point, I held my high school record for stolen bases and bunts! After college, I stayed active by long-distance running and training for half and full marathons. I've run 7 full marathons and 8 half marathons. One of my biggest accomplishments was qualifying for the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Turning Point

After feeling a bit burnt out from running, I decided to give this CrossFit thing a chance, and I never looked back! I instantly fell in love with it! The community, the variety of skills and movements, I love it all. Even with more than 5 years into CF, I can't say I have ever been bored. There is always so much to improve on. What I especially love about CF is the community. When I am feeling a bit unmotivated or maybe discouraged, I turn to my community to pump me right back up. The CrossFit community has a special way of making me feel motivated, whether it's them cheering me on when I accomplish something, or experiencing someone achieve something they thought they couldn't do. I love to get to be part of people achieving their fitness goals.

Motivation & Passion

My goal as a coach is to inspire people to move with intention and for longevity. I want to help people be able to keep up with their kids, grandkids, dogs, and cats, keep dancing, go on that hike they thought was too difficult, or simply live a long healthy and happy life. I believe CrossFit does all those things. The functional and varied movements improve your muscular endurance allowing you to perform the daily tasks that life demands. As a coach, I want to help people to move well. Additionally, CrossFit has changed my relationship with my body and with food and it has helped me see that being strong is beautiful. As a teenage girl, I was embarrassed of my muscles because I was told I didn't look "feminine" enough. Now, my muscles get me PRs!!!!! I want to inspire other young people that muscles are beautiful. But most importantly, they help you live a healthy life.

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