Prentice Park

Prentice Park

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Pistols are my super power, I have competed (and coached athletes) in several weightlifting meets and crossfit competitions, and I (try to) never miss a snatch day!  My proudest achievement was when I got my first ring muscle up and a 450lb deadlift.


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I am a proud Seattle native, married to another CrossFit addict, and a dad to a furry 4-legged baby named Selah.  I have always been physically active throughout my life. I grew up playing baseball and wrestling, and generally tried to stay fit most of my life. I've tried every exercise program out there and nothing seemed to stick until I found CrossFit. More than the workouts, it was the community that helped me stay consistent, achieve goals, and build confidence.  This is what I love about coaching! I have the privilege in helping cultivate a safe, inclusive, and friendly environment where people can be exactly who they are and pursue their unique goals. It's so fun to see people cheer each other on, give it their all, and experience all the "fun" as a community!

Turning Point

One of my biggest struggles has been navigating boredom in a healthy way. Although it is necessary to go through such seasons in life, I tend to find the next "best thing" to avoid boredom at all costs. This was also true as it pertained to my fitness which resulted into a lack of consistency, no plan, minimal results, and little drive. Then in 2015, I found CrossFit and I really resonated with the variety, the competitive elements, and the social aspect. I can truly say it's never been boring! There's always new goals to achieve, amazing people to meet, and fun and creative workouts to be had!

Motivation & Passion

The reason I coach is that I love to help people believe in themselves! More than any number on a scale, on a barbell, or a time in a workout, what keeps me going as a coach is when athletes have "that moment" when they feel more confident, stronger (physically and mentally), and they get excited to lean in, fully.

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