Claire Malterud

Claire Malterud

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Back squat: 215 lbs

overhead squats are my superpower (speed and depth even with my long legs)

first strict push-up at 27 years old

Nancy: 17:43

Jackie: 12:03


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

About Coach

I grew up in Minnesota where playing hockey at a young age is common, especially if your dad played in college. I played not because my parents encouraged me, but because I demanded I play hockey. Throughout elementary and middle school I played soccer, hockey, fastpitch softball, and ran track. Hockey was my number one sport leading up to high school. Once I started high school I focused on track and into the middle of my high school career I picked up volleyball. Rounding out my senior season of volleyball I received an award for Outstanding Senior Leadership. I loved being a part of our growing team and encouraging my teammates every chance I got. I walked on as a collegiate high jumper and competed for two years before making the difficult decision to focus on my engineering degree instead of my track career.

Turning Point

Growing up I was the tall, skinny girl that would easily get checked in hockey, struggle to throw around more than 15-pound dumbbells, and fight for a sub-10-minute mile. Even in college, I was probably the least fit person on our track team. After graduating college and landing my first job, I was looking for a fun way to stay active in a new city. I had heard about CrossFit from a friend who told me that they had a friend who did it and was jacked. I thought to myself, this could be it! Maybe I could be strong and fit. I walked into my first CrossFit box in Rochester, Minnesota four years ago and haven’t looked back.

Motivation & Passion

1. Everyone deserves to see what they're made of 2. Every workout can be adapted to every person I’m an encourager, whether I’m working out next to you, coaching your class, or just standing nearby, you will hear me cheering for you! I love encouraging athletes to try something new and challenge what they think they are capable of, maybe they can lift more, run faster, and hold on for longer than they thought they could. CrossFit has an incredible way of challenging us all whether it is our first class or our 50th time doing a Hero WOD. No matter who you are or how much weight you have on the bar, you will be humbled.

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